All Saints Church Community Creche

All Saints Community Church Creche is a long established qualified early learning childhood centre serving the greater Ponsonby Auckland area.  This childcare facility has long serving ECE qualified teachers, who provide a nurturing and supportive environment for children to learn and thrive in.

Our Philosophy

All Saints Church Community Crèche provide a programme based on the National Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki. Te Whāriki views the child as a unique individual who is a competent and confident learner and communicator. The teaching team have a strong inspirational influence from the educational approach of Reggio Emilia in Italy. The Reggio approach positions the child as an individual who brings a wealth of knowledge to exploring and discovering their environment and the wider world around them.

 We view our crèche environment as the third teacher, where provocations are strategically placed in order to offer children opportunities to construct theories and hypotheses that lead to deeper levels of understanding. We see our role as co-constructors of knowledge, who work alongside children fostering interests and nurturing holistic development in partnership with family and whānau.

The teachers believe in unconditional love for each child, where by each child is embraced for who they are and for what they bring to the crèche learning community. We acknowledge that children have rights and believe they should be listened to and respected as our youngest citizens. Children are given time and opportunity to explore and express themselves through the multiple mediums and experiences offered at All Saints Church Community Crèche.

 All Saints Church Community Crèche respects the bicultural heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand and we embrace the diverse nature of our community. We strongly believe that family and whānau play an integral role in our crèche environment and we value their input and appreciate their contributions and unique perspectives.